Mission Statement

Welcome to the offical homepage of the Rasch Measurement Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association. Our mission is to provide a forum for presentation, discussion, and interaction related to the development of theoretically based and empirically testable instruments with objective linear measures.

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AERA allocates a certain number of presentation slots to each SIG. The number of slots is proportional to the membership size of the SIG. The more members we have affiliated with the Rasch SIG, the more presentation slots AERA will sponsor for Rasch-related research.

Joining the SIG is easy and the cost is just $10 per year. To join, simply follow the instructions on the AERA SIG membership page.


Official by-laws of the Rasch Measurement SIG.

Rasch SIG Business

The Rasch SIG would like to congratulate Tim O'Neil and Kirk Becker, as they were elected to two-year terms as the Rasch SIG Chair and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively. The Rasch SIG would also like to thank Stephen Jirka for his service as Rasch SIG Program Co-Chair, and welcome Daeryong Seo and Kelly Bradley as the Program Co-Chairs for the 2012 year.

Rasch Measurement Transactions

The latest issue of Rasch Measurement Transactions, the official newsletter of the SIG, is hot off the press!

Rasch Workshops

Check out the many Rasch workshops being held around the world in the next few months. Read more about the workshops...